Gambling act 2005 transfer of premises licence

Gambling act 2005 transfer of premises licence soaring eagle casino specials

You must also send a notice of your application to a number of responsible authorities as detailed below. You should note that this provision does not apply if the previous licence holder has refused to give consent to the transfer of the licence.

If we receive no representations within the 28 days, we will grant your application as applied for. Alcohol licensed premises with a bar authorised to serve drinks without transter will need to apply for a licensed premises gaming machine permit. Both oof applicant and anyone making representations can appeal to the local magistrates' court if they are dissatisfied with the decision. The notices must be in the prescribed form which are available below. Applicants are required to send notice of mobile gambling sites application on the prescribed form to the relevant responsible authorities. There is no requirement for newspaper or premises advertisements as part of a reinstatement application.

Following the Gambling Act , local authorities in England and Wales have Notice of application for a transfer of premises licence - notice to responsible. The fee for applying to transfer a gambling premises licence varies depending Download the 'Gambling Act - Information for Applicants' document below. Application to transfer a premises licence under the Gambling Act PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS FIRST. If you are completing this.

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